Dr Wendy Hart 
Private Medical Services and Aesthetics

Medical services and cosmetic procedures in East Yorkshire

Dr Wendy Hart Aesthetics

Dr Wendy Hart has worked as a medical GP for over 23 years, working within both NHS and private sectors. Dr Hart still operates her own private medical practice as well as offering her time, expertise and medical know how to the world of aesthetics within the Redeem Business. Dr Hart is only one of a handful of practicing doctors within the Yorkshire region that is hands on with regards to treating anti-wrinkle/ filler injections and brings the highest level of medical understanding and competence to the world of Redeem aesthetics. 

Why Redeem Clinics and Dr Wendy Hart Aesthetics?

  • Practicing doctor with 1000’s of satisfied clients over a 25 year medical career
  • Free facial aesthetics / Botox / Dermal Fillers Consultations
  • Regions best value for money treatments (see prices)
  • Highly experienced and skilled, eye to hand, needle techniques
  • Medical standards of client care and satisfaction
  • Fully equipped, single purpose, professional, facial aesthetics clinic
  • No beautician, nurse practitioners or untrained technicians
  • Same day treatments available with Doctor only on-site prescribing
  • No ‘talking up’ of unrealistic/non required treatments
  • The highest degree of client aftercare and top-up service
  • Medical profession indemnity insurance

Few other clinic in the whole of the country are able to offer the exacting same levels of professionalism and standards as those offered above and therefore Redeem clinic with Dr Wendy Hart Aesthetics must be a first choice consideration for Cosmetic injections, Dermal fillers or Botox in Hull and the Yorkshire region.